Namaste (a greeting we say in Nepal when meeting someone) to you all.

Nepal, a small country, located between India and China. Influenced by both countries, Nepali dishes brings a combination of flavors. Flavors that open up a whole new world that you may never have experienced before. Flavor-thatHimalayan Range brings you the best quality food made daily with fresh ingredient.

Our chef has been cooking with her mom since the age of seven. She learned the best ways to cook Nepali food then eventually opened up a couple of her own restaurants in Nepal. Her experience in cooking since a very young age lets you taste the flavors of Nepal without being there.

Himalayan Range main goal is to serve you authentic, fresh, delicious food. We thank you for looking at our website and hopefully trying  our food.
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Monday Closed

11am-3pm & (dinner) 5pm-9pm
11am-3pm & (dinner) 5pm-10pm
Call us: (919)378-9586

910 NE maynard
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Plate of traditional momos. Steam cooked momos with sauce.
Plate of traditional momos. Steam cooked momos with sauce.